Outfitters to shootists and buckskinners
Tucson, Arizona
My name is Mike Keenan and I have started Timely Accessories to become outifitter to modern shootists, cowboy action enthusiasts and buckskinners who favor the garb and gear of the real old west.
All of our products are hand made in the traditional fashion
and are personally warranted to be suitable for purpose intended, and will be repaired or replaced upon discovery of fault in material or workmanship.
SASS Member "T. A. Leather"  # 40036
Member NRA
Member Old Pueblo Muzzleloaders
Member Tucson Rifle Club
Member Tucson Trap and Skeet Club
We are Located in the desert southwest, Tucson, Arizona, home of dry heat and history.
Phone: (520) 578-8006
Our Hero,
Sweet Old Bill
Thank you for visiting our website.  We will be happy to respond to any questions and take your order via email at:
or by telephone at
(520) 578-8006

Watch our auctions on  gunbroker.com, and auctionarms.com for new products or order directly from us.
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Our Shooting products are affordable, high quality, hand made and period accurate accessories made for the discriminating  buckskinner,  Cowboy Action Shooter, and modern shootist. We make cartridge belts, plain belts, rifle scabbards and cartridge slide accessories to enhance the shooting sports enthusiast's experience.  We make holsters for most of the revolvers popular in the real old west,  as well as holsters for modern handguns.  We are proud to outfit hunters, law enforcement personnel, and the American armed citizen.   We are a small, one man, leather products shop and our products are more affordable, without sacrificing quality, and more representative of the "cowboy" and "Buckskinner" period than many of the other makers.
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