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Traditional single and double loop Mexican style holsters,  and Slim Jim styles  and our
line of premium field holsters
are all made of high quality saddle leather with a weight of 8 to 9 oz and sewn with heavy thread. 

Our standard holsters are unlined as was typical of the period and are hand crafted in the traditional manner of yesteryear, one at a time.  We take pride in each holster made in our shop,  and strive to exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship.  Each holster is indivudually cut by hand and shaped, tooled and finished by hand with pride and craftsmanship so that each piece that leaves our shop is unique, and cannot be
compared to another.

Slim Jim holsters and all of our Premium Field holster sare priced at  $69.00 for standard, plain styles.

Single Loop, and Double Loop holsters start at $69.00 for standard plain styles$89.00 for  models with cartridge loops or magazine pouches

Our own unique design the
Original Tombstone Reload models are piced at
$89.00 for standard plain models.  The Tombstone Reload models feature 6 center fire .32, .38/357, or, .44/.45 caliber cartridge loops on the holster loops, or 6 .22 caliber rimfire loops on the upper holster loop for a ready reload. 

Choice of  Medium Oil finish, or Dark Oil finis are available as standard finises.  A dyed finish in Mahagony, Antique Brown
or Black is available for an additional charge of $7.50 per holster or belt.
Holsters are also available fully lined with premium finish cowhide for an additional $40.00 per holster.

Border stamping is available
at no additional cost

All of our belt holsters are available, at the same price,
in left hand, right hand, or cross-draw.

All of our holsters are wet-molded by hand, to perfectly fit the gun for which it was made,  Guns other than the model for which the holster was made will not fit properly.  Our holsters are not "gun buckets" which almost any similar gun will fit in.

We make holsters for the following families of firearms:
Colt (and clones): 1847 Walker, Dragoon, 1849 Pocket model, 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, 1861 Navy, 1862 Navy, Police Pocket percussion models.  Open Top Conversions.  Single Action Army models, The Colt Model of 1911 auto pistols and clones.

All Ruger single action revolvers: Bearcat, Single-Six,
Blackhawk, and Vaquero.  Plus the Ruger Redhawk, SP101, Security Six, and GP100 double action revolvers.

Remington model of 1858 percussion revolvers
Remington model of 1875 cartridge revolvers

Smith and Wesson No. 3 Schofield models
Smith and Wesson 'N' frame,  'K' 'L' frame and 'J' frame models.

Davis ,  Cobra, Bond Arms, and American over/under derringers.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We will be happy to respond to any questions and take your order via email at:
or by telephone at
(520) 578-8006

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We ship via Priority U.S. Mail in the United States, and via International Mail to the rest of the world. We charge only the amount of postage required to ship your order - there are no packaging or handling charges.

Shipped from Tucson, AZ  85743
Our single loop "Tombstone Reload" holster for the Ruger
Bearcat - Shown with cartridge belt.
A brace of cross draw Slim Jim holsters for Colt 1861 Navy with  border stamping in dark oil finish.
A Premium Field holster for the Taurus or Smith and Wesson J frame models with a custom 2" wide belt
A Slim-Jim style holster with border stamping and dyed antique brow for the Smith & Wesson No 3 Schofield shown with matching belt.
This holster is made for Ruger Standard, Mark II, and Mark III semi-autos with magazine pouch shown with belt
A field holster for the Colt, and clones, models of 1911
A classic Slim Jim holster for the Smith and Wesson K frame
Classic cross-draw holster with basket weave overlay for the
Smith & Wesson No 3 revolver.

Traditional field holster for Ruger Single-Six